Art and Story labs for everyone!

What is studioAWEsome?

StudioAWEsome is a mobile studio bringing Art, Wonder, Exploration and Story labs to groups of all ages. We facilitate with a trauma-informed lens, inclusively hosting accessible spaces for artful play and story building.

We prepare labs specifically for your group with your needs and goals in mind. Learn more about labs HERE.

At studioAWEsome,

we believe in the power of story

and in the joy of making.

We wonder how?

And why? And what if?

We explore the process.

At studioAWEsome,

the invitation is for everyone!

Who participates in studioAWEsome labs?

Groups of all kinds!

Kids. Youth. Adults.

Classrooms. Teams. Families. Camps. Parties.

Single events. Ongoing gatherings.

Outdoor. Indoor. Small group. Large group.

How it works

Explore our different labs.

Contact us for a free consultation.

We build an AWEsome experience just for your group.

StudioAWEsome arrives at your site to host a fully inclusive experience!

"It's magic!"

-- Kindergarten student, while mixing paint colors

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