is for everyone

We believe that the invitation to art is for all people, all abilities, all ages. Our art explorations are designed with multiple entry points and materials. Everyone chooses their participation and their pace. 

There is no *wrong way*.


is awesome

Brains are amazing, and all of them are different. We believe in the equal celebration and inclusion of the neurodivergent and neurotypical, knowing that this diversity benefits us all.


are important

Your story. My story. Our story. 

We believe stories should be celebrated and honored.  Stories sometimes have words, but often they are shared in color and texture and movement. 

Our approach is:


We recognize the existence of traumatic experiences and understand how they are carried in the body and brain of both individuals and communities. We host our spaces with this awareness. Our process is built on the understanding that connection is the foundation of healing and growth. 

Accessible & Inclusive

We design and facilitate our labs with the understanding that each individual has unique needs, goals and entry points. Activities are adaptable and offer different levels for participation.