We were Created in Community

In the summer of 2019, a group of us gathered once a week under trees to make stuff and play with color. We were all ages, from babies to eighties. We called ourselves campAWEsome because we were all curious Wonder-ers and playful Explore-ers who wanted to make Art

While we played and created and explored and wondered, we told stories. We invited our friends and our families to join us. They brought with them their wonder and their stories.

Over the weeks, the grass under the trees became confettied with paint and dye and glitter.  We began to notice connections. Exploring with our hands and playing with color helped us feel more calm. Engaging the process without worrying about the end result gave us freedom to explore. Wondering together opened us to others' ideas. Noticing helped us pay attention.  Together we felt calm and free and open and attentive.   We began to be seen and heard and known by one another.  These connections grew into a shared community where we listened to one another, shared stories, and built new ones. 

Months later, as we all know, things changed. Isolation overtook connection, fear replaced calm, and communities re-examined freedom. We held our stories close. Some we didn't share. The pandemic affected us all.

Our hope, at studioAWEsome, is to bring us back to the glittered grass where we Gather and Make and Explore, Wonder and Color and Build.  While we do, we share our stories. We share the stories of old and the stories brand new. We share the stories we’ve carried and the stories we've just found. As the stories are shared, we make connections. These connections bring us healing and growth.

Join us!