Beyond the Welcome

Creating Spaces of Belonging

Explore practical strategies and tools for making our shared spaces inclusive, accessible, and open for all individuals. This workshop is for facilitators, educators, employers, and other professionals seeking practical tools for implementation of inclusive spaces. 

Color & Connection

The Healing Power of Experiential Art

In this hands-on workshop, explore the neuroscience and therapeutic value of tactile color play.  Color & Connection is a great introduction to Experiential Art Methods.

Experiential Art

Accessible and Inclusive Methods

Learn how to integrate art and art therapies into classrooms, practices, and therapy spaces.  We go beyond the “why” and learn the “how”, with an emphasis on inclusion and accessibility. Materials, work flow, progression and workspace set up are also covered. Combine this workshop with Color + Connection for a wholistic exploration of process art.

Story Building

A Hands On Exploration of our Stories

Story building combines different therapeutic and educational models to facilitate the engagement of story. Going beyond written and verbal language, we use hands-on materials to build and share individual and communal stories. This training is two-fold. It first walks participants through the story building process, then teaches the theory and methodology for putting it into practice. 

Trauma-Informed Facilitation

Build awareness for the visible and hidden effects of traumatic experiences in both individuals and communities. Explore strategies and tools for creating inclusive spaces of felt safety.