Tie+Dye workshops blend color explorations 

with step-by-step instruction. 

Designed for participants wanting to learn more 

about Tie+Dye science and technique.

Tie + Dye 


Learn how to fold, tie, and dye three different mandala patterns.

Our 2x2' square blanks become beautiful wall hangings, table decor, wearable accessories, gift wrap and hand towels. 

Note:  This workshop requires patience and finger dexterity.

Tie + Dye


(Ice Dyeing)

Explore color chromatography  in action while creating designs with the Ice Dye method. 

Tie + Dye 

Rainbows, Hearts and Flowers

Learn how to create shapes in your tie dye designs. Favorites include rainbows, hearts and flowers. 

Note:  This workshop requires patience and finger dexterity.

Shibori Style 

Fold + Dye

Shibori is a form of resist dyeing originating in Japan. This workshop explores this traditional form with modern color choices.

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